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Why Choose Namibia for Your Next Safari

Why Choose Namibia for Your Next Safari

Dreaming of going on safari in Africa? Want to discover extraordinary landscapes, spectacular wildlife encounters and unique cultural experiences?

Here’s why a Namibia safari should be top of your list:

Unique landscapes and wildlife

Namibia is not your average safari destination. Huge, sparsely populated and devoid of rolling savannah, Namibia is often overlooked by safari travellers in favour of its more famous neighbours. But don’t let the desert dunes, ghostly shores and quaint German towns fool you: Namibia is up there with the best of Africa’s safari hotspots.

Its wildlife, for one, has had to evolve to survive nature’s challenges. Desert-adapted rhino and lion are unique to Namibia’s landscapes, specifically in the Etosha National Park. Here, most animals can be seen congregating around the park’s waterholes, making for practically guaranteed sightings.

Moreover, when it comes to landscapes, few places in the world compare with Namibia. From the ancient sands of the Namib Desert and the haunting coastline of the Atlantic Ocean to the red landscapes of the Kalahari, holidays to Namibia give you an opportunity to experience a breathtaking country with seemingly endless horizons.

UNESCO World Heritage Sites

Namibia is home to two UNESCO World Heritage Sites. Twyfelfontein, meaning ‘doubtful fountain’, was awarded UNESCO status in 2007 for its 2000-plus rock engravings which are estimated to be some 6000 years old. Found in the Damaraland, the site represents one of Africa’s largest and most noteworthy concentrations of rock art.

No Namibia safari is complete without a visit to the Namib Sand Sea. Awarded UNESCO status in 2013, this is the only coastal desert on earth, with some of the tallest dunes in the world found in Sossusvlei.

Cultural experiences

Besides its bounty of wildlife and nature, and despite having one of the world’s lowest population densities, Namibia travel serves up a feast of authentic cultural experiences. Namibia’s German colonial beginnings are keenly felt in its bustling cities: wander the wide avenues of Windhoek, explore the seaside town of Swakopmund, and discover colourful art nouveau architecture in Luderitz.

To actively engage with Namibia’s more traditional cultures, a visit to a Himba settlement or traditional Khoi-San village is a highlight for many. These guided Namibia day tours offer sensitive insights into the interesting lifestyles of Namibia’s desert-dwelling people.

Easy logistics

Namibia’s well-developed infrastructure and world-class tourist facilities make for uncomplicated travel logistics. Whether you’re on a guided Namibia tour or are more into self-drive Namibia holidays, getting there and getting around is easy.

However, with so much to experience and vast distances to cover, Namibia holidays are ideally suited to planned group tours via coach road trips and charter flights. Our wide selection of guided Namibia tours, safaris, getaways and fly-in excursions ensure that you can relax and enjoy the holiday of a lifetime, while we handle all the details.

Our Top 3 Namibia tours and safaris

Our Namibia tour packages take in the country’s biggest sights and attractions. Embark on a Namibia safari with Springbok Atlas and discover the dunes of Sossusvlei, the abundant wildlife of Etosha National Park and the dramatic landscapes of Damaraland.

Classic Namibia Tour

This 14-day Namibia safari takes in all the country’s highlights, including the Fish River Canyon, Namib Desert, Skeleton Coast, Damaraland (with a visit to Twyfelfontein) and a classic safari in the Etosha National Park.

Extraordinary Namibia

Spend ten days exploring Namibia’s showstopper attractions, including the Namib Desert, Swakopmund, Damaraland (with a visit to Twyfelfontein) and a classic safari in the Etosha National Park.

Unforgettable Namibia

This tailor-made fly-in Namibia safari will give you breathtaking views and unbeatable photographic opportunities from the air over the Namib Desert, Skeleton Coast and the Kunene region. Explore the seaside town of Swakopmund and enjoy an exhilarating safari experience in the world-renowned Etosha National Park.with us today about booking a once-in-a-lifetime Namibia safari.

Enquire with us today about booking a once-in-a-lifetime Namibia safari.