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July 2017:

The most inspiring aspect of Swaziland is the people. When you are passed on the street, or stopped at an attraction, you are always greeted with a smile and asked how you are. The Swazi people have a deep respect and a humility that is impressive and welcoming. We were fortunate enough to visit the famed Swazi Candles, which started in an old dairy cowshed and has now grown into a beautiful display of colour and creativity. We watched a local man carving a wooden giraffe outside in the market area after browsing through the candle shop as well as the smaller surrounding shops. Swaziland is a colour explosion. Your eyes are constantly being drawn to something bright and beautiful and although cliché, the beauty of the landscape leaves you quite smitten. At Ngwenya Glass, we watched skilled workers making exquisite glass pieces in very hot conditions and were captivated by the display cases featuring glass elephants and rhino and a myriad of others. House on Fire is definitely for the art fundies; you’ll see all kinds of interesting pieces from Rumi quotes to rock sculptures of Ganesh, and the art gallery is quite small but fascinating. With such an eclectic mix, you have to remind yourself for a moment that you are still in Swaziland.

-    Amanda Van Graan, Springbok Atlas Tours & Safaris Content Writer