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Oudtshoorn is the ‘Ostrich Capital’ of South Africa and is the largest town in the Klein Karoo region, a semi-desert place with a reputation for its inspiring natural splendour. It sits on the edge of the Garden Route, a route famous for its immersive and unique experiences. This town is alive with activity that includes the longest wine route in the world (Route 62), the Cango Caves, nature adventures, ostrich farm tours and fascinating museums.

The ostrich feather boom made instant millionaires of ostrich farmers in the early 1900’s in Oudtshoorn, when feathers were a sought-after fashion piece by the likes of royalty and the upper crust. Feather palaces were built in and around the town of Oudtshoorn and they even went as far as to have ostriches pull Santa’s sleigh at Christmas. Today, Oudtshoorn is one of the most popular destinations in the country where you can have close encounters with ostriches, the planet’s quirkiest creatures, or even cage dive with crocodiles.