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Awaken Your Passion for Africa in this Abundant Wilderness


Although up to seventy percent of Botswana is dominated by Kalahari Desert, spectacular river systems in the north of the country form a diverse mosaic of rich habitats that support the greatest concentration of wildlife on the African continent. Top attractions such as the Chobe National Park and the Okavango Delta offer some of the best and most memorable safaris in Southern Africa.

The Chobe River forms part of the Botswana border with Namibia, and it is the life-blood of the Chobe National Park with many of the eco-sensitive safari lodges tucked discreetly along the river banks shaded by gracious hardwood trees. Game viewing activities include both open vehicle drives and river boat cruises. The sheer abundance of animal life means that there is plenty of opportunity to see elephant, hippo, lion, buffalo, giraffe, zebra, red lechwe and impala. There is also always a good chance at Chobe of seeing the less commonly sighted predators, leopard, cheetah and wild dog; as well as rarer antelope such as roan, sable and puku.

West of Chobe, the Okavango River, ‘the river which never finds the sea’, spills its waters over the Kalahari sands and forms the world’s largest inland delta – a spellbinding maze of lagoons, islands and waterways providing an extraordinary 6000 square mile oasis for vast herds of elephant, buffalo, zebra and hundreds of other species of mammals and birds. Most game watching is water-based, from traditional dug out canoes called mokoros or motorboat. There is also opportunity to walk in the wild on some of the islands under the protection of a professional guide.

Botswana’s world-class safari lodges offer a seamless blend of simplicity and refined luxury with a focus on preserving the authentic African wilderness experience. Responsible tourism plays an integral role in conserving Botswana’s magnificent wildlife for future generations.